Davy Gallon MMA fighter

My Name is Davy Gallon MMA fighter, I won the welterweight belt at the fight exclusive night in Poland, the Lightweight Venator Fighting championship in Italy and I am in the final phase of my preparation to fight against Abner Lloveras (took part in the UFC) who is currently the best fighter in my weight […]

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Betti Michielsen Trotting Racing

Supporting Performance in Trotting Racing

Jan Luytens is a prominent trainer in the world of trotting racing in Belgium and he has recently shared with us his thoughts on STORM and its benefits for this discipline in horses via his wife Betti. “My husband, Jan Luytens has a truly special gift for horses and became well known as a successful […]

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Edmond Kan, IPO Trainer & Competitor

Edmond Kan is a well known and successful competitor and trainer in the sport of IPO, which is a multidisciplinary sport for working dogs particularly German Shepherd dogs that helps to identify those that have good conformation and working abilities in 3 phases. Edmond was  FCI All Breed IPO Champion 2015 and International IPO Competitor And FCI GB Team Captain in 2017.  Racing Blue was pleased to hear that STORM Canis can make a valuable nutritional contribution in the very popular and growing sport.

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Flyball STORM Advocate Carla Wales

Carla Wales feels the benefit of STORM Canis for Flyball

I first came across STORM Canis on the Racing Blue exhibition stand  at the August British Flyball championships in 2014. I chatted to Racing Blue on their stand about the product and subsequently bought some to try and have supplemented my racing dogs with STORM Canis ever since. I compete with my dogs in flyball and I demand a lot […]

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Sled dog racing Gunter de Backer

STORM Canis goes International in Sled dog racing with Gunter de Backer

Gunter De Backer is not a newcomer to the sport of sled dog racing in Belgium and internationally. He has competed since the 90’s having enjoyed success to a very high level with many wins and podium places. Gunter’s early races have shown a very positive start to the season with 3 wins from 3 starts, including the German dryland Sled dog racing championship. Well Done!!

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Ross Payne and Nimbus

Ross Payne, a flyball handler with ambition

Ross Payne is a flyball handler with plenty of ambition and drive. Ross competes with his three dogs

Nimbus a Border x Whippet, Lupin a Border x Whippet, and his Whippet Crucio. As an advocate of STORM Canis we were keen to hear his story.

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Richard Barratt Dressage rider & trainer

Dressage’s Richard Barrett chooses STORM

Richard Barratt has chosen STORM as part of his feeding regime. As an experienced dressage rider and trainer that has competed and trained to national an international level, Richard knows what it takes to produce a seriously good horse. He recently tried STORM for a horse that was struggling during training sessions, here are his thoughts….

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Nimbus Flyball

Nimbus – Debuting Flyball Dog Gets Off to a Storming Start

I started using Racing Blue STORM Canis in March when Nimbus’s flyball training intensified and I’ve been using it since.
Nimbus made his debut in June and clocked a PB of 3.72 seconds, which if my memory serves me right makes him the quickest debuting dog in the country- I am sure this time will continue to drop in the coming months.

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Ben Robinson STORM Canis

Ben Robinson Canicross Champion

STORM Canis has helped leading Canicross pair Ben Robinson and his dog Bolt to being the fastest in the UK.

“As champions, we’re always looking for ways to improve and stay on the top of our game. Since using STORM, Bolt’s muscular endurance has improved significantly. Consequently, this has lead to impressive time improvements in our running together. Having the right nutrition/supplementation on board has allowed us to consistently prove ourselves to be the fastest Canicross team in the UK”

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Doug Watson UAE champion trainer

  Dubai based US racehorse trainer Doug Watson is frequently found near the top of the UAE trainer’s table and in 2015 won the trainers championship. Doug has used STORM Equus since its introduction to the market over 5 years ago and he says “For sure, STORM is now an important part of my feed […]

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