STORM® for Racing Camels

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STORM® science is a revolutionary breakthrough in sports nutrition for camels and is at the cutting edge of nutritional research for Equine and Human athletes.


STORM® Science

Optimal muscle function is essential for athletic speed, power, and endurance in racing camels. Muscles must be able to produce energy adequately to drive muscle contraction. The efficiency of energy generating pathways and the ability to deliver fuel to muscle are key factors in performance to:

  • Produce sustained speed during training and racing
  • Produce bursts of power for both an early race advantage and finishing speed

Fighting muscle fatigue is also important to optimise camel performance. When the muscles become tired or fatigued, speed and power is reduced. Muscle fatigue can be a consequence of acidosis triggered by H+ build-up from lactic acid during exercise.

STORM® Camelus provides a unique combination of protected ingredients to support effective training, optimum performance and recovery.


STORM® Camelus tackles these three crucial issues:

  1. Fuel delivery and energy generation in muscle
  2. Muscle fatigue
  3. Muscle recovery


STORM® Camelus provides key ingredients to boost fuel delivery, support energy generation in muscle and delay muscle fatigue by improving the defence against muscle acidosis.




Active Ingredients

STORM® Camelus combines ProCarnosine®, which is exclusive to Racing Blue, with a specialist amino acid derivative and B vitamins all tailored to the camel’s digestive system through micro encapsulation to ensure delivery to the small intestine.

Strict quality control measures are set for sourcing ingredients and during manufacture. Each batch is tested for specified naturally occurring prohibited substances before release on sale.


Scientifically Proven

World-renowned nutritionists have carefully formulated this product and the science is proven by research in dogs, horses and human athletes. The original research that underpins STORM® Camelus was carried out at The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket by the Racing Blue nutritional team.



By combining ProCarnosine® with specialist protected vitamins and amino acid derivatives, STORM® Camelus comprehensively supports muscle function during training, racing and recovery.

ProCarnosine® is only available from Racing Blue and is supported by a suite of global patents covering its use in athletic animals.


Feeding Guide

  • Feed 1 scoop (20g) twice per day
  • Loading period 6-8 weeks
  • Feed throughout the camel racing season

STORM® Camelus is available in tub sizes of 1.2kg (2.2lb) and 12kg (26.4lb). For a single camel, 1.2kg (2.2lb) provides a 1-month supply.

If you require any further help or care then please feel free to contact us.