QC & Prohibited Substances

Racing Blue strive to ensure that all of our products are race and competition compliant. All of our supplement formulations are carefully developed to ensure that no ingredients are used that are banned or prohibited by the rules of racing or the FEI and we continually look for any changes in the list of these rules.  Our manufacturing and quality control procedures have been developed to help minimise the risk of contaminating prohibited substances that may swab or trigger a post race or competition positive.  This is immensely important for our clients racing in global jurisdictions, or competing both nationally and internationally in a range of equestrian or canine sports.

Manufacture of our products is undertaken both in the United Kingdom and in the United States with carefully chosen partners. In the UK, STORM® is manufactured under ISO 17025 quality standards. Racing Blue also routinely undertakes an ingredients audit, so that we are always fully aware of all the raw materials that are handled by these manufacturing partners.

We are committed to a comprehensive quality control program which includes rigorous prohibited substance testing using the laboratory of our sister company Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN). IEN are a major industry name in this field and test 1000’s of equine feeds and supplements per year for a large number of European companies.


What We Test For*

Standard Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances: theobromine, caffeine, theophylline, morphine, codeine, atropine, hyoscine, hordenine, lupinine.

Extended herbal Screen ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, synephrine, cathinone, capsaicin, lobeline, harmaline, quinine, quinidine, digoxin, digitoxin, yohimbine, ajmaline, ibogaine, vincamine, rescinnamine and reserpine.


The Racing Blue Quality Commitment

  • We only use ingredients from fully traceable suppliers.
  • We use accredited blenders in the UK and Australia.
  • We undertake regular ingredient audits.
  • All our raw materials are tested for specific prohibited list substances before production*
  • Each finished batch of STORM® is additionally tested for specific prohibited substances following production, but before being released for sale.
  • We maintain a policy of full traceability


STORM® is manufactured to a very high standard, our rigorous testing regime ensures that every tub is as safe as it possibly can be before we ship it double-sealed in the highest quality packaging to you. If you wish to know more about our quality control regime, please feel free to contact us.