Patent Protection

Proven by robust science

Only proven ingredients are used in the STORM® formulations which have been carefully developed by our experienced nutrition team to deliver effective easy to use products.  STORM® products combine ProCarnosine® with other synergistic ingredients to comprehensively support muscle function during racing or competition as well as during training and recovery.

The scientific research that underpins the action of [ProCarnosine] was carried out in horses by Racing Blue at the world famous Animal Health Trust in racing’s headquarters in Newmarket, England.  This research then led to a series of studies in humans, providing a weight of evidence for the science to be developed practically as a sports supplement for human athletes.

STORM® is the only supplement brand that contains ProCarnosine® , which is supported by a suite of global ‘use’ patents in horses, humans and other species. A ‘use’ patent as oppose to a ‘formulation’ patent means that only an approved source of the active ingredient can be used legally for the intended purpose. Racing Blue have the sole worldwide rights to the use of ProCarnosine® in sport for horses and other animals.

The use of a patented ingredient ensures that it has been proven to be effective and is of a consistent high quality and is considered safe.


In a class of its own

As the only animal supplements worldwide that contain this combination of active ingredients, STORM® is literally in a class of its own.