About us

Racing Blue – Designed by Nature, Improved by Science

Our background lies in cutting-edge science and here at Racing Blue we pride ourselves on only using the highest quality ingredients to produce our unique products, which have been proven both in our and other laboratories, as well as on international racecourses, tracks and competition circuits.

Our company ethos is based on the highest principles of integrity, and our experience over many years means that when you buy a Racing Blue product you can be certain that what you get is consistent, reliable, scientifically proven, unique, effective and safe.

Formed in 2009, Racing Blue is a family-owned business based in the UK but with a very international outlook. We offer a compact range of highly innovative sports nutrition products for horses, dogs, camels and birds.

Racing Blue created STORM® , a revolutionary product that supports training, performance, and recovery and this has been introduced initially into the equestrian world. Our scientists were intimately involved in the research that underpins STORM® ; this was carried out in the UK at The Animal Health Trust and the work was subsequently published in the Equine Veterinary Journal. We are proud to say that in this instance the equestrian world led the way, since the the research was instigated in equine athletes before being followed up very successfully in humans. Today, the fruits of our scientific discoveries benefit athletes of different species at the highest international levels.