Fast Facts

Fast Fact #1: Is patent protection a benefit?

Award of a patent to an ingredient or product requires robust evidence to support its reputed action or effect.  This is specific to a particular type or source of product or ingredient in question.  STORM® has been formulated to contain  ProCarnosine®, giving confidence that it has been thoroughly evaluated and well researched. It also means that STORM products cannot be copied in the market place.

Fast Fact #2: Do I need STORM – I feed a balanced diet already?

The active ingredients in STORM® Equus are only found in typical racing or competition diets in very small amounts. Research shows that a more concentrated form is needed to boost muscle buffering capacity and fight muscle fatigue.

Fast Fact #3: What does STORM® Equus do?

STORM® aids training and performance, by targeting muscle acidosis, calcium regulation and oxidative stress during intense exercise.  STORM® ingredients effectively boosts the level of muscle carnosine a major physicochemical buffer in muscle.

Fast Fact #4: How do I feed STORM® Equus?

Feed 1 scoop (15 g) twice per day. There is a loading period of 6-8 weeks.

Feed throughout the racing or competition season.  One 3 kg tub provides 3 months supply.



Fast Fact #5: Are STORM® products palatable?

STORM® products are very palatable and easy to feed and can be simply sprinkled over the daily feed for STORM® Equus, Canis and Camelus and added to the water for STORM® Avis.  STORM® Athlete comes in an easily swallowed tablet form.

Fast Fact #6: Is there a loading period for STORM® Equus?

For a sustained effect STORM® needs to be fed 6-8 weeks before the start of the season in horses.  Then feed daily throughout the race or competition season.

Fast Fact #7: Is STORM® unique?

STORM® supplements are unique formulations for horse, dog, bird, camel and humans formulated to fight muscle fatigue during intense exercise and support training and recovery. STORM® supplements are the only feed supplements to contain ProCarnosine® which is supported by global patents.

Fast Fact #8: Is STORM® race & competition legal?

STORM® products were rigourously tested for prohibited substances during development and each and every batch is now tested for specified prohibited substances  prior to sale.  STORM® conforms to the rules of racing and competition (see individual products for more information).

Fast Fact #9: Is STORM® Equus suitable for my horse?

STORM® Equus is suitable for all horses undertaking intense or shuttle type exercise  including racing, eventing, showjumping, polo, reining, cutting, barrel racing and carriage driving.


Fast Fact #10: Is STORM® Canis suitable for my dog?

STORM® Canis is suitable for all types of working and sporting dogs to fight muscle fatigue including:
Racing Greyhounds, Lurchers or Salukis, flyball, dog agility, working sheep dogs, sled dogs and canis cross

Fast Fact #11: Will STORM® help maintain muscle health?

A well-balanced diet that is low in starch and sugars, fed with plenty of forage that is advisable for horses that are prone to muscle problems such as tying up or rhabdomyolysis.  STORM® helps to maintain muscle pH and calcium sensitivity during intense exercise,  supporting normal muscle function.

Fast Fact #12: Where in the world are STORM® products available?

STORM® products are available from Racing Blue’s distributors around the world, or directly via our website. Please see our SHOP for more information. Please contact us if you have difficulty sourcing STORM®

Fast Fact #13: Have you been offered a similar product to STORM?

Any product claiming to be the same as STORM®  Equus, Canis, Avis or Camelus or to have the same action will not be the same and will not offer you the same high quality, purity or efficacy. STORM®  products are uniquely formulated from a combination of ingredients including ProCarnosine®, which is only available through Racing Blue and other synergistic ingredients that have a proven track record.

Fast Fact #14: How do I feed STORM® Avis?

Dilute 1 in 100 in drinking water.  For example, 10ml of STORM® Avis per litre of drinking water.  Feed throughout the racing or competition season.  One  0.5 Litre bottle provides 10 birds with a 3 months supply.


Fast Fact #15: How do I feed STORM® Canis?

Feed 1 scoop (5 g) twice per day. There is a loading period of 2-4 weeks.

Feed throughout the racing or competition season.  One 1 kg tub provides 3 months supply.

Fast Fact #16: Will STORM® Canis help cramping in dogs?

The exact cause of cramping in athletic dogs is unknown but a balanced diet including sufficient electrolytes is important.  STORM® Canis provides a combination of unique ingredients that help to maintain muscle pH and calcium sensitivity during intense exercise,  supporting normal muscle function.

Fast Fact #17: I have a good diet – do I need STORM Athlete?

Even with a well balanced diet the intake of beta alanine is likely to be sub-optimal for carnosine synthesis.  This is true even with a regular intake or chicken or turkey which is a naturally rich source of beta alanine.

Fast Fact #18: Is STORM Athlete just beta alanine?

[Trademark] Athlete contains a superior form of sustained release beta alanine that is absorbed slowly from the gastrointestinal tract in a sustained manner.  This promotes more effective uptake into muscle for carnosine synthesis and helps avoid the prickling sensation that can sometimes be felt with ordinary beta alanine.

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