Adam Beschizza, Jockey benefits from STORM Athlete

Adam Beschizza Going to Post

STORM Athlete is a new human sports supplement from Racing Blue that features the specialist amino acid beta alanine, in a scientifically proven sustained release format.  Beta alanine is well known for its positive effects in athletes by slowing the process of muscle fatigue and allowing peak speed and power for longer.  Horses from many disciplines including racing and eventing have similarly benefited from STORM Equus all over the world.  STORM Athlete ensures a slow and sustained release of this specialist amino acid from the digestive tract, greater retention in the body and uptake into muscle, where it can be actively used to build muscle carnosine needed to help fight muscle acidosis and fatigue.

Adam Beschizza who is in great form is a jockey that uses STORM Athlete as part of his nutrition plan for racing, a sport where physical fitness and a superior power to weight ratio is imperative to success.  We asked Adam for some feedback on STORM Athlete and this is what he said.

” Since taking the STORM Athlete supplement I’ve noticed a range of physical improvements:

  • Increase in endurance
  • A lack of fatigue
  • Better weight control
  • Enhanced energy and strength

Taking the supplement STORM Athlete is very straightforward for my line of work. With one tablet twice a day and a balanced protein rich diet, the supplement took effect, not instantly, but as a gradual build-up to what I can now physically feel as improvement. Also, what’s highly noticeable is how it’s kept my weight at a more balanced level, which is vital and very important for me as a jockey.”

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