Nimbus Flyball

Nimbus – Debuting Flyball Dog Gets Off to a Storming Start

I started using Racing Blue STORM Canis in March when Nimbus’s flyball training intensified and I’ve been using it since.
Nimbus made his debut in June and clocked a PB of 3.72 seconds, which if my memory serves me right makes him the quickest debuting dog in the country- I am sure this time will continue to drop in the coming months.

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Ben Robinson Canicross Win

Ben Robinson Canicross Champion

STORM Canis has helped father/son Canicross team Robinson Canicross and their dogs to become renowned as one of the fastest in the world.

“As champions, we’re always looking for ways to improve and stay on top of our game. Since using STORM, our dogs’ muscular endurance has improved significantly.  Consequently, this has lead to impressive time improvements in our running together. Having the right nutrition/supplementation on board has not only allowed us to consistently prove ourselves to be the fastest Canicross team in the UK, but has also led to us adding continental and global titles for our team.”

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Doug Watson UAE champion trainer

  Dubai based US racehorse trainer Doug Watson is frequently found near the top of the UAE trainer’s table and in 2015 won the trainers championship. Doug has used STORM Equus since its introduction to the market over 5 years ago and he says “For sure, STORM is now an important part of my feed […]

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Mark Wallis champion greyhound trainer

Imperial Kennels’ Mark Wallis won the 2015 and 2014 GB greyhound trainer title in style, a year after STORM Canis helped him secure his 2013 victory at the 11th hour. He is well on the way to achieving legendary status in the British hall of fame of truly great greyhound trainers, as the dogs in […]

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Abi Boulton Eventer feeds Tilson Tic Toc STORM

Abi is a 21 year old event rider based in Staffordshire and was the youngest to complete the CCI**** at Burghley in 2015 with her horse Tilston Tic Toc.  This was the culmination in 2015 of a partnership which started when Abi was 15 and Ben (Tilston Tic Toc) was just at Novice level. Abi […]

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Ilka Gansera Leveque – racehorse trainer and vet

Trainer and Vet Ilka Gansera Leveque backs STORM. Based in Newmarket at St Wendred’s Stables, Ilka and her husband Stephane are a unique and formidable team, combining strong practical skills with veterinary science. Ilka is a practicing vet and has experienced racing as an assistant in the US and as an apprentice jockey in Germany. […]

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New Zealand Eventing

Prominant riders including legends Andrew Nicholson and Mark Todd, as well as up and coming stars like Jonothan (Jock) Paget, Tim & Jonelle Price, Caroline Powell, Lucy Jackson, Jesse Cambell, Lizzie Brown and Megan Heath are all provided with STORM® by Equestrian Sport New Zealand

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Dr David Evans well respected vet & exercise physiologist backs STORM®

David Evans PhD BVSc, well respected Veterinary Consultant in Equine Sport Science and Honorary Associate Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at University of Sydney discusses Racing Blue ” supplementation will result in an increase in muscle buffering capacity in horses, so reducing the muscle acidosis that occurs during intense exercise. This effect, demonstrated […]

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Global Equine Group finds STORM® helps our horses maximize their performance…

The Global Equine Group is the brain child of veterinarian Adam Driver and provides a comprehensive management service covering the racing and endurance interests of owners worldwide. “Global Equine Group finds helps our horses maximize their performance and finish their races strongly. is a key ingredient in delivering the results our owners expect”. Adam Driver/Global […]

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