Ross Payne, a flyball handler with ambition

Ross Payne and Nimbus

Ross Payne is a flyball handler with plenty of ambition and drive.  Ross competes with his three dogs Nimbus a Border x Whippet, Lupin a Border x Whippet, and his Whippet Crucio.  As an advocate of STORM Canis we were keen to hear his story.

“Naturally, I am very competitive and I am very lucky to have a dog that shares my obsession and has an abundance of drive!

I found Flyball just over two years ago, instantly hooked with the technical aspects as well as the sheer race! A few months later we put our name down for my first Flyball dog, Nimbus!

Nimbus is a Border Collie x Whippet; a specific mix of breeds made famous by the Americans who invented the sport.

With the athletic, intelligent and workable nature of the collie, mixed with the explosive speed of the whippet- it’s clear to see why it’s a sport favourite!

Nimbus’ training was near immediate, from 8 weeks old we did lots of foundation work (rear end awareness, pivoting, retrieves, tugs etc)

When his training intensified as he got nearer the point where he would be competing (18 months old) we introduced STORM Canis.

Naturally, fatigue will set in and lactic acid build up a certainty- limiting the performance of Nimbus as the day progress, I needed something to maximise what he could offer.

I do my part, getting up at 4AM and doing bike rides, hill sprints, hunting etc to ensure he is in peak fitness but STORM does the rest! STORM not only boosts muscle carnosine levels, which buffers H+ ions released from accumulating lactic acid in tiring muscles helping to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, it also helps in the recovery after all is said and done.

Although limited results so far with Nimbus only 22 months old and with two competitions under his belt- we have only seen a 0.12 second variant in speed across a day!”