Ilka Gansera Leveque – racehorse trainer and vet

Trainer and Vet Ilka Gansera Leveque backs STORM.

Based in Newmarket at St Wendred’s Stables, Ilka and her husband Stephane are a unique and formidable team, combining strong practical skills with veterinary science. Ilka is a practicing vet and has experienced racing as an assistant in the US and as an apprentice jockey in Germany.

As a vet and trainer Ilka is in a unique position to evaluate STORM.  As a vet, I am fascinated by how we can naturally combine nutrition, biochemistry and exercise physiology. In Racing Blue STORM, I have found that perfect balance between improving athletic performance in speed, strength and stamina.



I totally trust the equine science that has gone into producing this palatable product and am confident in their rigorous quality control and I consider that, with Racing Blue, I have found a winner”. – Ilka Gansera Leveque trainer STORM Troupour,