New Zealand Eventing

Lying behind one of the key factors credited for giving the Kiwis their winning edge is British science and innovation incorporated into STORM® a revolutionary feed supplement that the New Zealander’s choose to feed their horses.

Prominant riders including legends Andrew Nicholson and Mark Todd, as well as up and coming stars like Jonothan (Jock) Paget, Tim & Jonelle Price, Caroline Powell, Lucy Jackson, Jesse Cambell, Lizzie Brown and Megan Heath are all provided with STORM® by Equestrian Sport New Zealand who seek to leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparation, feeding and training.

Recognising the significance of the effect of muscle fatigue in the event horse, Erik Duvander and New Zealand team vet Ollie Pynn of Rossdale and Partners, were quick to seize upon the opportunity to trial STORM® at the end of the 2011 season and have made it part of their feeding program every year since.

New Zealand Event