RACING BLUE appoints CSJ as New Sporting and Working Dog Distributor


Racing Blue and CSJ.K9 Ltd have announced their intention with immediate effect to collaborate on marketing Racing Blue’s revolutionary canine performance product STORM® CANIS to the agility, flyball and working dog markets in the UK.

Following STORM® CANIS’ hugely successful launch into greyhound racing, where STORM® CANIS advocate Mark Wallis won the 2013 championship in such style, there has already been a great deal of interest in the product in other fields. In order to capitalise on this and because there is a clear synergy between the two companies, STORM® CANIS will be available from CSJ.

STORM® CANIS promotes buffering against lactic acid in tiring muscles, thus allowing a canine athlete to perform at maximum speed and power for longer. Its active ingredient provides the building blocks for Carnosine, the substance in muscle that fights acidosis and is protected by a worldwide suite of use patents.

Dr Catherine Dunnett, Managing Director of Racing Blue said, ‘At Racing Blue we have always focused on producing highly effective, scientifically proven and cutting edge products for professional sports performance. CSJ specialises in sports dogs, particularly in agility, flyball, racing sled dogs, gun dogs, sheepdogs and Kennel Club activities. This means that they are a very good match for Racing Blue and ideally placed to help roll out our fantastic product to serious canine athletes throughout the UK. We are really looking forward to working together’.

Ceri Rundle is Managing Director of CSJ.K9 Ltd and is equally enthusiastic: – ‘Every now and again a new product comes along that really delivers on its promises and STORM® CANIS is just such a product. We at CSJ are really excited to be promoting this fantastic supplement to our customers and strongly believe that CANIS will take the market by storm!’

Good news travels fast; some of the best flyball dogs in the UK are already using STORM® CANIS even before it went on general sale in this market and both companies believe that the product has a bright future in all sports where dogs have to excel physically.

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